Backpack Electric Vehicle - Movpak

Backpack Electric Vehicle – Movpak

Private electrical vehicles are a fantastic decision - yet so far, none have offered an easy, eco-friendly, mobile, and simple to fold product which we've been seeking. Knowing that Movpak creators created and copyrighted a backpack that will doesn't...
F-BOM with anti-fog technology

F-BOM With Anti-Fog Technology

The F-BOM is powered by Abominable’s copyrighted KLAIR™ technology. A thin-film see-through heater is positioned between the two-part lens and is powered by a compact lithium-ion battery. The heater operates to maintain the temperature just a lit...
Rhino GoPro 3rd person footage

Rhino GoPro 3rd Person Footage

Rhino GoPro Accessories were made to easily get you 3rd person footage. Whilst there are more poles and spins mounts to choose from, this one was made to be modular, extremely strong, and ultra-light weight. Capture 360º videos whenever you affix t...