Backpack Electric Vehicle - Movpak

Backpack Electric Vehicle – Movpak

Private electrical vehicles are a fantastic decision - yet so far, none have offered an easy, eco-friendly, mobile, and simple to fold product which we've been seeking. Knowing that Movpak creators created and copyrighted a backpack that will doesn't...
A New Concept Folding Bike Occam Cycle

Looking For A New Concept Folding Bike? Occam Cycle

The Occam Cycle was made to be attainable both in terms of cost and learning curve. Riding on the Occam Cycle is much like riding on a typical bike, with the most frequent feedback we tend to hear from first-time users being "You have to use your arm...
SEATYLOCK - Bicycle Saddle & Lock

Seatylock – Bicycle Saddle & Lock

Seatylock is a bike seat which easily turns into a one meter solid lock that makes it possible for you to secure your bicycle to a fixed object. By using Seatylock you no longer have to carry a lock or care about seat robbery. Based in the center of ...