The Drop - Horror Novel Toilet Roll

The Drop – Horror Novel Toilet Roll

If a persistent stool simply won't arise, some claim it's best to relax, concentrate on something else. Some recommend changing your position, crossing one leg over the other. We'd propose reading a passage or 2 from The Drop-Horror Novel Toilet Roll...
travel book

How To Swear Around The World [Book]

It’s a huge world out there, as everyone  knows, there’s nothing as irritating as struggling to express your emotions. Of course, ordering pizza or getting out of that poor Mexican prison are important dialogues, yet at times you should be a bit...
The Filmography of Guns

The Filmography of Guns – Collector’s Guide

This massive print shows a visual history of legendary guns from movie and television in 115 delicately precise hand-illustrations. From the time honored Smith & Wesson of Dirty Harry to James Bond's PPK to the fictional guns in classics such as ...